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I keep coming back to this idea recently – create a boring product for a well-understood problem within a saturated market. Something emotionally unimpressive but empirically profitable. Some obvious benefits here: • It’s a well-understood problem, so no need to guess if people will pay for it. • It’s a saturated market, meaning there’s definitely demand for it. • It’s boring, so unlikely that you’ll get competition from the smarter folks. • Not so bleeding edge that nobody understands it, so less risk and marketing is easy. • Sweaty entails even less people/competitors are inclined to do so. • Not tech-savvy means I can get some advantage by bringing in some tech to automate the space Right now, this, year, I just want to make good profit and a good living off of it. Create a comfortable life for my wife and kid, and my parents. It’s boring yeah. But nobody’s going to say that when you make $10k every month off it. Going back to build mode in 2022!

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