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Anger is telling you where your boundaries had been breached, where you felt powerless. Anxiety acknowledges something in your life is missing, is off-balanced, is not moderated. Fear betrays what or where you care most about, what you do not want to lose. Apathy reveals where you had done too much beyond your own capacity, over-reached and (on the verge of) burned out. Sadness is showing you what makes you unhappy, and by inversion, what makes you happy. Disgust is demonstrating where you need more compassion and empathy. Shock or surprise is signifying the level of your expectations, prompting you to re-examine if you should lower or raise them. Self-criticism is the part of you that recognizes your full potential, that you are capable of so much more. You get my point. Your feeling’s aren’t meant to be ignored, suppressed or overcome. They aren’t the evil twin of your rationality. Most definitely, they are real. Feelings aren’t random; they have a purpose. Feelings are useful. Sure, don’t react reflexively to them. Don’t be their slave. Respond rationally, as their master and owner would. But acknowledge them, listen to them, and hear what they have to say. Feelings are messengers.

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