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Indie hacker, solopreneur | Creating a diverse portfolio of products + services. ⛓ - link-in-bio via Google Sheets ✍️ - daily writing for creators 🔌 - plugins to power up your Carrd sites 🏛 - design × gov consultancy 📬 - weekly newsletter for my indie solopreneur journey

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Did call with Amar Ghose of (via SparrowStartup) to get some coaching on marketing!

Learning points: • ⭐️ lean into my story of building a tool to solve my problem • ⭐️ list on entrepreneur sites • ⭐️ ask existing members what other communities , newsletters they part of • ⭐️ groups of just daily journaling • Launch on PH • "every CEO shd be writing 100 words a day..." • niche down the content • build a fb grp • partnerships - micro influencers, tiktok, • check out podcast. - surroundsound saas marketing

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