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Indie hacker, solopreneur | Creating a diverse portfolio of products + services. ⛓ - link-in-bio via Google Sheets ✍️ - daily writing for creators 🔌 - plugins to power up your Carrd sites 🏛 - design × gov consultancy 📬 - weekly newsletter for my indie solopreneur journey

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My usual go-to question when asking someone for advice for a specific topic is: “What are the top 3 things that brought 80% of the results?” But I got to admit, it’s a question looking for quick hacks. I was asking the wrong question all along. I didn't always know what worked and what led to my success. But I definitely knew what didn’t work. So a better question to ask is to ask about what not to do. • “What is something people spend too much time on that I should skip entirely?” • What’s the top 3 mistakes you made that you don’t wish on someone else in similar shoes? • What did you focus on back then that you now wished otherwise? • What would your current self tell your past self on what not to do? The via negativa approach to seeking advice.

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