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Killer question I learned this week from the great Elon Musk: "What did you get done this week?" ![Screenshot of Elon Musk text messages]( Big tech CEO: <Writes many words to persuade, conjole, influence.> Elon: "What did you get done this week?" 😂😂😂 Tech memes and jokes aside, I found that to be a simple yet piercing question. It's the simple questions that's always the most arresting. Especially when asked because someone sees through the BS, from CEO to CEO. Can't imagine how it feels like to be on the receiving end of that text message! I love collecting beautiful questions. A great answer stays fixed in time, and might become wrong when the context changes. But a beautiful question is evergreen, always inspiring to reflect on. Ask it each time and you get a different answer. And the most beautiful questions are often the simplest and most unassuming. This is a great question for self-reflection and journaling, as an entrepreneur, maker, creator. Did I make anything that moved the needle this week? Anything that has concrete impact on the mission? What did *I* get done this week?
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