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Indie hacker | Creating a diverse portfolio of products + services to $10k monthly revenue. ⛓ - link-in-bio via Google Sheets ✍️ - daily writing for creators 🔌 - plugins to power up your Carrd sites 🏛 - design × gov consultancy 📬 - weekly newsletter for my indie solopreneur journey

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> If you're a ship lost at sea, look for the lighthouse of curiosity. – [@itswillmyles]( Okay then. So what am I curious about these days? What am I keen to learn more about? What am I curious enough to want to go build something? Some broad niches: - Serverless functions - Telegram bots - SaaS built entirely on plain vanilla Javascript - Sleep management - SaaS swag - Twitter tools (risky, yes I know) Some specific ideas: - Build a tool for sleep, e.g. sleep cycle calculator, sleep directory of tools and resources - Telegram bot for anything, e.g. a bot to calculate streaks, or post recurring messages on my behalf - A Nuxt.js SaaS boilerplate with associated backend tech stack (Postgres, Heroku) for myself to be able to quickly launch products - A plain vanilla Javascript tech stack for SaaS - A HTML-CSS-JS boilerplate for myself to quickly launch directory sites for any niche - A Twitter long form tweet preview formatter for seeing where the "see more' breakpoint is - Other Twitter tools like tweet backups, animated visuals/media/charts - A Google Sheet backup feature for Lifelog where each post is automatically added to a Google Sheet (if you so choose to) Curiosity-driven development combined with the F it mindset of launching would be a lethal combo. Watch out.

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