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Saw this tweet by [@visakanv]( > "One day, while doing nothing particularly out of the ordinary, because of natural laws he was completely powerless to understand or intuit, he was instantly killed in a horrifying way by forces vastly in excess of anything he was ever designed to experience, for no reason, to no ones particular surprise or upset. In this we are more like him than different" ![]( This resonated, because that's so... much like how we win or fail. Or in life in general. We're more like him than different. One day, just launching my next product, and then it goes viral. We think it's due to something we did. We happily pat ourselves on the back. But there's natural laws beyond our understanding, network effects at play we never observed. Somehow we make it through. And if we try reproducing the same success at another time, it didn't work. The same for failures. We think we wouldn't have failed if we didn't do something. Yet it succeeds the next time we repeat the same something. There's free will, and there isn't. We have agency, and we don't. We're more like him than different.

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