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Been working on transiting over from [exploitation mode to exploration mode]( Other than business as usual for maintenance and support, I've mostly stopped creating anything new for my existing projects. And I'm getting bored. To the point of feeling antsy. But I'm thinking this is a good thing. Because isn't that what they say – let kids be bored, and they will then come up with creative ways to entertain themselves? I'm hoping for the same effect for myself too. It's more similar than different – I'm like an adult kid in an indie hacking candy store of a journey. And when do I know I've transited over to exploration mode? When I feel settled in it and having so much fun exploring that I don't want to go back to exploitation. Just like while on vacation – you still think about work in the first few days of the vacay, and by the time you're all relaxed and settled into vacay mode, you're having to return. So far, not there yet. I'm still antsy and want to "work". Looks like it takes time, because after all, I was hunkering down for a year. All that momentum takes time to slow down. But the growing boredom is a good sign of being in the right direction! Boredom is good.

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