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One of the less obvious, less talked-about reasons I want to transit to fulltime indie hacking is for my health. With consulting, I have to head out often, eat out often. The schedule is irregular, the places I go to are unfamiliar. Often I wake up earlier than usual to commute to my client's office. I end up having to make poor food choices, disrupt my sleep rhythm, and work out less. Since starting on my consulting gigs in April, I can definitely feel the difference. I've gained weight and flab around the waist. My sleep scores are lower and inconsistent. Stress management is definitely sub-optimal. Whereas during the months of the year when I don't have consulting and doing fulltime indie hacking, everything's more within my control. I can sleep and wake at the same time everyday. I can cook or buy food that's healthier and more familiar. I can work out every morning without fail. Very stable routine. A bit boring yes, but when I get bored, it's also within my control how I want to spice things up, do something different for the day. I'm generally more at ease, better rested, more taken care of. So not just about time, location and financial freedom. But health freedom as well. Probably the most important freedom.

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