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Saw this on [Twitter](, on how to play long term games with health. Basically, how to age well: > - No alcohol > - More water > - 8hrs sleep > - 10k steps > - Less sugar > - Varied vegetables > - Intermittent fasting > - Fit friends > - Practice gratitude > - Practice stoicism > - Wear sunscreen > - Moisturize face > - Floss & Mouthwash > - Personal trainer > > Source: Reddit [r/fatFIRE]( It's an interesting list. I try to practice at least half of it. No alcohol, more water, more sleep, less sugar, varied vegetables, intermittent fasting, practice gratitude/stoicism – I do these relatively well, or at least I try to. "10k steps" is something I always wanted but currently hard to do for me due to the nature of working on a computer. Still daydreaming of living in a cabin in the woods with high speed internet next to my plot of garden. "Fit friends" was surprising because of the latter "friends" part. You are who you hang out with. We all want to be fit but having friends who are will be double the motivation, purely by osmosis. Wear sunscreen, moisturize face, personal trainer feels more on the vanity side, not something I'd care much for other than the most essential. What I would add to the list on how to age well: - Eat more red meat and fats - Watch those vitamins and minerals - 90% sleep scores - Lift your body weight - Family love and support - Make love - Having purpose, in life and [work]( - Avoid drama - Have a spiritual practice *What else would you add to the list on how to age well?*

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