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Indie hacker | Creating a diverse portfolio of products + services to $10k monthly revenue. ⛓ - link-in-bio via Google Sheets ✍️ - daily writing for creators 🔌 - plugins to power up your Carrd sites 🏛 - design × gov consultancy 📬 - weekly newsletter for my indie solopreneur journey

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Emerging trend I'm seeing: Creating sleek media for your tweets seems to be a thing now. - [Typeframes]( creates stunning animated text videos for products - [Screen Studio]( creates beautiful high quality screen recordings to demo your products - [MRRartpro]( makes retro-nostalgic ASCII charts for Twitter, LinkedIn or text messages - [Gifstat]( makes lovely gifs with animated number counters to show your stats But this had been done for the longest time on websites already. Bar charts, line chart, pie charts, everything. Mainstream media websites would show data visualisations for trending topics of the season. Maybe it's time to bring this into the hands of individual creators and indie hackers on Twitter? **An animated chart gif generator for tweets.** Every indie hacker shows line charts of their revenue. What if we could upload a spreadsheet or plug in to Stripe, and generate the data into this animated chart to create a gif that you can share on Twitter? In fact, it doesn't have to be just for Twitter. It can be for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook. Any social media platform. And it doesn't have to just be charts. It can be for any sort of data visualisation, even the fancier sorts like a bar chart race. Chart.js is a Javascript library I can leverage on to create these animated charts. [Flourish]( is already doing this in a massive way, so maybe there's already demand. Something simple and clean like [Data Gif Maker by Google News Lab]( would be awesome: ![]( This might be a fun weekend side project to do. Targeted at my Twitter audience. No expectations, even if some revenue is nice. Best part, I will want to keep it going to use it for myself. *What do you think? Got potential?*

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