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> At a deathbed, if my patient can communicate, they show they’re dying two deaths: the one they’re dying & then the death of the life they really wanted to live. But in their dying, some are also free. To tell me who they are. What they wanted. Who they had to hide. Finally free. – [@jsparkblog]( This really hit hard. I use Twitter mostly for indie hacking. All my follows are indies. But occasionally you come across an account that's pure light. This is one such account. Of a Korean American as a hospital chaplain. A hospital chaplain offers spiritual guidance and pastoral care to patients and their families as patients are near their end. Compared to his tweets, my indie tweets feel crude and superficial. Back to the heavy tweet... It reminded me of the famous saying by Confucius: > “We have two lives, and the second begins when we realize we only have one.” If you never had a chance to live that said second life, you have two deaths waiting for you. The physical death and the death of a life which you never lived out. I think this about sums up all my striving. Why I work so damn hard to fulfil my dreams. Not just indie hacking, not just revenue milestones, not just profitable products, but all the freedoms I seek – [health](, time, location, creative freedom. And everything else too - falling in love, having a family, being present to my child, caring for my parents, traveling and seeing the world. If I don't do all those, I risk dying two deaths. And I'm mortally afraid of that. We don't know if we get another chance after this life ends. So the ultimate endgame for me, is that I die only one death at the end. That would be the dream.
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