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Hired is a collection of stories of Product transitions to show you how it’s done in 5 chapters: - Transitioning to Product Management ...

Job Portal

Job Portal

After heavy demand, the Product Jobs Portal is finally here! πŸ“Œ Hands down the easiest way to find and get a Product Management job 🏒 Jo...

Ship It!

Ship It!

Provides the most impactful insights from industry leading experts. This book provides tips that are relevant and actionable, and can hel...

Corporate TrainingπŸš€

Corporate Training

Level up your entire team's Product Management skills.

Product Mindset

Product Mindset

Free book on how to get inside your customer’s mind 🀯

The Ultimate Interview ChecklistπŸš€

The Ultimate Interview Checklist

6 steps to dominate your next product management interview

Data-Driven Product ManagerπŸš€

Data-Driven Product Manager

Think you have a data driven approach to product management? Learn to: πŸ‘‰πŸΌ Democratize data πŸ“Š Prioritize pains + user jobs πŸ•˜ Manage impleme...

Women Product Leaders PodcastπŸš€

Women Product Leaders Podcast

Meet the women who build products loved by millions

The Product Economy

The Product Economy

Drive Revenue Growth Through Digital Experience

Product School ProπŸš€

Product School Pro

The exclusive online community for Product Leaders


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