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How does one build a SaaS product targeting a middle income market?

I've been working on my SaaS since January and the year has ended without me finishing. I'm targeting the Ghanaian (Ghana, West Africa) market and the customer base for B2B is quite small...unlike the West where there are many potential customers who understand the value proposition and willing to pay.    This has demotivated me to the point where I don't make much progress. Now I have come up with two options.    1. Add more features that appeal to a wide variety of small businesses (to increase the market side a bit). I have talked to a few potential customers and a micro-SaaS isn't enough. They seem to want an all-inclusive solution. At least three or more offerings to justify value.    2. Partner with someone in a developed market to sell abroad. This requires having a registered entity and capital intensive to do it alone. Selling abroad is cost-effective too but has its own set of challenges. For example, sell to Ghanaians in the diaspora.    The SaaS is about 70-ish% complete. You may checkout just the landing page at    What would you do if it were you? I need some ideas. What solutions have succeeded in other middle-income countries/markets?

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