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fix: hide load after register success #quiqqer_frontend_user
Merge branch 'dev' #quiqqer_frontend_user
Tweet progress
Create new endpoint to list of jobs with last result
Catch up with James on his progress
Create endpoint to update the endpoints last_checked parameter for usage by the task runner
Joining the best AI Training Course - https://intellipaat.com/artificial-intelligence-deep-learning-course-with-tensorflow/
Pushed 2 changes to bestande
Uploaded a new video to my channel (logo design challenge): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xN2SoXgAxF4
Checking Taro, it looks so useful
Fixing some analytics

@csturtevant I was thinking on the lines of how pubic audit from founders on Makerlog, Indie Hackers, Product Hunt, WIP chat etc.

  • A lot of people including myself struggle with breaking things down
  • Community could give tips to break large milestones into small goals
  • Or suggest existing solutions that make the goal easy

I have been thinking about these for a while since I really like public audits and agile tools - mixing them and help each other as a community would be great I think.

Note: I have practiced project management with SCRUM or Kanban, professionally for many years.

@brainless Thanks! yes iOS only, I had a lot of requests for an Android version but I use this project to learn native Swift programming so for now I'm not making a cross platform app.

: fixed crash that happened when updating to newest version of Hippo
make sscutils.DateNever function more consistent
馃懆鈥嶐煉 learn JS
馃弸锔忊嶁檪锔 log 1 hour home gym workout
deploy Jekyll site to Netlify - SUCCESS on second try! 馃檶
add ToS, Refund & Privacy policies
add About page
develop ~
clean inbox
Thinking about new feature; Diabetic Gear/Stack portal
Added excerpt in side bar for all post types
Add notice about not sharing any medical info
Add gradient background in menu on home page to make menu more readable
Fix hover over story to make sure all elements act the same
Get old feature discovery article onto ruri
Get old product grid article onto ruri

Still working on https://www.diabeticme.org :D

Improve Gitlab GraphQL access check
丕爻兀賱 丕亘乇丕賴賷賲 毓賳 賲賵囟賵毓 丕賱賰賵乇爻丕鬲
Pushed 2 changes to snapshooter
Pushed 1 change to website-frontend
馃挏 Groceries
馃檪 More draft