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Add icon to credit card form & make bg gray for relevant pages
publish newsletter number 6
Update the home page
Updated the home page to add some more context about what Audience does. Added more feature sections to help people understand how audience can help the.
Full body stretching exercise
6km morning run
Wake up at 6:15 am
check analytics
鈽庯笍 weekly sync with ops team
Feed shows banners when appropriate
Feed filters by channel
Pushed 1 change to Audience.Web
improve ban function to keep a record of the banned emails
day off, go shopping
馃枼 Done the technical test for a job
馃摑 Planned today's tasks, to-dos, projects, studies and more...
鈽曪笍 Made a strong morning coffee to start the day

sounds good, would be cool to see how you get the right balance! how far down the roadmap is it for you?

do home
clean inbox

The idea of using it as a technique to measure engagement sounds interesting..would be cool to see how you implement it and the decisions you make

fix image size on homepage (add flex grow)
make telegram stickers for ramadan makers - https://t.me/addstickers/ramadanmakers
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Add some of my print designs to my
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