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Today's log

Here's what the community is building...

seo stuff
start writing blog
Write and Send Fajar his questions
Send bruce Interview questions
find the plugin and research it
break it into small task
understand the structure of file
Change SEO and Social Cards
Add Signup Form to Each Post
Exporting Subscribers
Added option to add contact form (with file attachments) in help widget!
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Review presentation
Go to today's webinars
Sleep, get cuddles and scream when they stop.
Planning for tommorow
馃コ Next.js
is fully working. Minor optimizations & testing left to do the switch
Finished the new logs page - final tests to go
馃棧 Manage Employees
Added archive and sample links to newsletter page
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Share app idea with friends
Created my first comic strip, it is based on Makers! :D
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bitch about Salesforce
Installing and trying Opigno LMS distribution.
Revised podcasting course content
Tax stuff 馃槫