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Hey there everyone!  I hope you are all doing well!  I have a question regarding customer support: how do you handle support in your (side-)projects?  I'm currently using one single email address/mailbox for all my projects and I manually respond to every message. The more projects I have now (and more users) it's getting harder to stay organized with support requests that way...  I don't want to create seperate email inboxes for each of my projects because that way I'd have to check over 10 email inboxes separately every day...  Do you know of any inexpensive (or selfhosted) simple customer support tools? I looked a bit around online and everything I could find was either made far large teams (and not for solo developers), was incredibly expensive or extremely hard to understand.  
 My ideal setup would look something like the following:  - a customer sends an email to, or to a support email address of one of my other projects  - I can view all messages in a central, category-based interface and reply to every message in an easy way    Thank you very much for any suggestions!  Have a great day :)

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