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Improvements on my course "Zero to Developer". Thoughts?

Last year I joined Gumroad's #14DayProduct challenge. Having been in the corporate world for 10+ years and having hired dozens of employees I felt I was uniquely positioned to create a course for taking someone who doesn't know how to code to landing their first job as a developer. I launched in 14 days, but for the most part the launch was a failure. So I want to revamp the product and launch again.    Right now the book takes you through:  - What you need to learn, and where to learn for free  - What projects should you build  - How to apply for and interview successfully    My thoughts for improving this product are:  - Videos teaching Html, CSS, Javascript (Building a website)  - Videos for each of the Projects mentioned in the book    What else can I do to deliver value to customers of this product?  If you bought a course "Zero to Developer" what would you like to see in that product?    I've unpublished the product for now, but you can see the product on Gumroad here:    Thanks in advance for any thoughts, opinions, or guidance!

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