1:1 Icebreakers, for Makers/Indie hackers? What do you think!

Hey Makers!    I'm starting a new 1:1 Meeting Event, to help connect and meet indie hackers, with other Indie Hackers, May 8th!    It's all about finding new connections, meeting new people, and creating content! The idea is to pair people, both online and offline!    Here are some benefits of networking From Julian Shapiro, and me!    • Building audiences  • Relationships  • Investing $    Find new creators to chat, and talk with  Get help, and feedback on your future ideas, and products.      The Event will be both weekly on, it's built for icebreaking which is perfect 🧊 for this event, It's also going to be offline on ✨ Slack, where I'll be connecting/pairng people!    The Event is going to be on May 1st or May 8th, Time TBD. It's going to be super awesome, and it's an awesome chance to meet new Indie Creators.    For the first cohort, we're only letting 15 people in, though you can still join to be added to the next cohort, which will increase! So Far We've fit 7 spots/15.    For example, one of the guests will be@gabriel4649. Just an example.        I've set a whole environment, for creators on!    If you like this idea, you can join here! Can't wait to meet and connect. If you have ideas, feedback, or thoughts write a comment, I'll answer it!

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