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I made a simple and convenient login service! What do you think?

Hey Makerloggers!  For the past week or so, I've been building Alles Identity - it's a simple (and free!) service that makes implementing login really easy. Think Sign in with Google/Apple but for any email.    You can implement it easily in Node.js since there's a package for it, but there's also a simple HTTP API for any other language.    Here's some of the features:  - It's super easy (like 3 lines of code )  - It keeps your app safe by blocking malicious users or suspicious email providers  - Your app is more secure, since there's no passwords  - Unlike "Sign in with Facebook/Twitter", your users don't need another account  - You get the user's name, profile picture and country (with more features coming soon)  - It's convenient - users don't need a login link to use an email they've signed in with before, and it has alternative sign in options for some email providers  - It's free!    Some other people have made some really nice examples for it, try this one:    If you're a developer and you have any questions/feedback, please let me know! I'd really appreciate it if you took a quick look at the docs and maybe registered an app to give it a try. Tell me if you're interested in using it for any of your projects too :)

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