A story, some cheesy lines and my words for some of the Fixathon products!

Hi Fixers!    Project@fixathon has been a blast.  Well done@shylands &@jpaulet on organising, congratulations to the Winners and of course well done to everyone involved!    Our Story with Fixathon  I'd like to specially thank the Fixathon project, because thanks to this, EmploGreen happened. Emplogreen is to me like a dream come true. It's been an idea I had in mind for a very long time and which sometimes did not let me sleep. I had been doing curses, market research, business plan and some tech crazy research on how to actually build the platform as a non-tech person. I tried to find people, went to events, networked, but it had been hopeless. It was in that moment when I found Fixathon (it had been ongoing for one week) and I asked@shylands if I could still join. Luckily I could. It was very exciting from the beginning, built a plain LandingPage and a Validation plan and started making. I had chosen the WP theme and was waiting for the validation results to install it and edit it!  My validation was a massive failure, so I desperatelly asked in the@getmakerlog community for advise. "Was I asking the wrong questions? Was I focusing on the wrong Idea? Did I need more time?"  That's when I met@roel , who offered to help. Two weeks later, we had the WebSite 'up and running'.
   Today I finally had some time to have a proper look at all the Fixathon products, and I have to say I am very impressed!    Some cheesy lines  Seeing these products made my day.  There is awareness, there is concern, there is knowledge and there is will for change.  There are a lot of awesome people bringing purpose to their time and talent and bringing their skills to help tackle the climate and environmental crisis.  This, obviously, brings hope.    My words to some of the products    - Fixmas  I hope you get great content and a lot of readers, and that The Christmas challenge goes viral. Hopefully next year we can compare the numbers and see how it worked? Maybe you could contact the guys from PlanetChallenge and add The Fixmas challenge to their awesome app?    - LeaveMeAlone :  I started a few months back to try and keep my inboxes clear. Every day I see myself unsubscribing from stuff, not only to achieve Focus (and improve my peace), but also because I know of the digital carbon footprint that my useless emails generate. I will definitely use your app, and share it with my friends and family. All the best of luck!    - EcoVillageList :  A few months ago I was looking for eco-villages around the world, I thought maybe one day instead of going on holidays I could volunteer or visit one, and treat myself with some peace and real life learning.  I will give your site a go!    - FixTheEarth :  I did the quiz... I have been practising a minimalist - zero waste lifestyle for at least two years now, and guess the results? I'm not quite there yet XD, so I have to carry on! That was fun!  P.S.: I enjoyed the Causes&Risks read. Very good.    - 30Wears :  I am going to use your app, and I intend to share it and spread it. Great one. I also enjoyed the video    - PlanetCamp :  I submitted EmploGreen and upvoted some of the products, I saw many of the Fixathon products are listed, cool stuff!    - Shift :  I'll pass this info to my friends in London, shame it's not in Valencia (Spain) yet, I'm quite curious of the shifts I should be using :)    - Fabe :  I want to start using your app now. You got me with this sentence "“Imagine an app that makes taking action as easy as amazon makes it to buy stuff. Imagine an app thats as addictive as Facebook, rewarding us to reduce consumption. Inspiring us to do more, sharing our successes with others." in your video , hopefully you get the funds to make it happen, and thrive :)    - CarbonTab :  I added the extension, now everytime I open a new tab, I see the current CO2 levels we are living with. Just quick question: where is this data from? I couldn't find it :)      It would be cool if we could keep something like a #FirstFixathon Community, where we can follow each other's projects, and just keep the good work going!  I can't wait to see how these products move forward in the next few months. And I can see how some products could collaborate with others, due to their similar missions.    P.S.: I've followed some of you on Twitter, If you'd like to keep in touch:  Twitter: belentorres88(
) or emplogreen

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