How do you all come up with names for your products?

I'm trying to decide what to name my next web app. I'm curious how you all come up with your product names.

I always link the product name directly to the domain. If I can't get a good domain, I'll rethink the name.

I write down the main keywords. Then I open my domain registrar & thesaurus.

Then I just start trying combinations of keywords & their synonyms that look appealing to me. Sometimes I use services that create & check multiple keyword combinations at once. But so far most of the names I ended up with I also came up with.

I generall only use .com, .io & .app domains with the exception of .dev to very technical things. Most initial names are already taken, but eventually I'll find something that is free and looks good enough to start.

I think names are important but now important enough to delay getting started. It's always possible to change the name & rebrand. Most indiehackers won't spend time & money on branding in the beginning anyway.

Björn Rave

@scholz I am wondering how important having a .com domain is. What are the reasons for trying to get a .com domain? I myself do the same, but I am not really sure if it actually matters


@bjoern_rave Imho depends on the audience. The more tech savy the audience the less important the tld.

But with less tech savy people or in traditional professional areas it beomces a matter of trust. Everybody knows .com by now - but lots of people have probably never seen a .xyz or .app before.

I've also had (and still have) .org, .net & .at domains. But the above are the ones I'd pick right now.


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