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Do you struggle with regular accountability, how do you manage?

Hey fellow makers,    As a solo founder I always struggle with accountability on a regular basis. It does not have to be daily accountability of the smallest of tasks but if I do not have a person to declare broadly what I am working on or achieved, I find myself losing mental momentum once in a while. I have heard of this from other founders, and non-founders too.    Recently, about 2 months back, I joined a tiny 3 people accountability call group hosted by Sean Corbett (fellow founder) on MicroConf Slack channel. After 2 months, I can confidently say that all 3 of us feel we get something of value from our daily 20-30 minute calls. Even when we have dropped off for certain reasons, we have come back to it since the absence of the calls had clear negative (even if minor) impact on our work. It took us a while to try out different formats and we are still adapting whenever the need arises. Like we are thinking of having a VA on the call to take notes to send out as email weekly.    We are curious about how others tackle this. Does anyone feel they need accountability buddies? Or want to give it a try? What have to tried to find such a buddy or group?    Thanks for your thoughts, Sumit

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