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Sharing my Level 0 learnings as a trying entrepreneur

Hello all,    This post has not link to any experiments or produce pages, just some things I am learning from other Makers. Wanted to compile them for myself and for anyone else who might be in my stage.    Here goes:    1. Finding "real" problems (unbiased) is not easy  2. People discuss issues on social channels of existing products (tip?)  3. Finding the customer is even harder  4. Solve a small pain in the problem domain, BUT for a real customer  5. Have this customer use your solution, this is really really important (helps solve point 1)  6. Find more customers with given pain, make them use it too    These are not magic points, mind it. Just things I have heard a zillion times but still is not easy to go through and accomplish. Of course this list is not complete, it is not meant to be, this is a journey, so this is just one small set of thoughts.    Hope this helps, please feel free to counter.  Sumit

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