Using 3rd party services like Stripe, MailChimp? This might interest you

Hello Makers!    I hope you are doing well. I've been researching a niche problem that I want to focus on. One of my side projects is a data viewer for MySQL/PostgreSQL.    As I was playing around, I realized merging App data (your database) and API data from Stripe, MailChimp, GSuite, Shippo... etc. would solve some issues:    - An admin for your App data (view/edit like Django admin) - no config  - See data from 3rd party like Stripe, MailChimp as is provided from their API  - Merge data with simple rules (1)  - Search across App and 3rd party data  - See full chain of user flow (2)      (1) Say your user table has a column stripe_customer_id, then just specify in the config:     user.stripe_customer_id =      The system would show Stripe customers for any of your own user, their transaction history, etc.      (2) Like above, but once you add similar merge rules for Payments provider, Shipping, Email, etc. you can see a users' lifetime flow through all your services.    These are board ideas, I have only basic database integration, Stripe Charges and MailChimp Campaigns (both read) prototyped.    Long way from MVP. I am looking for founders who need this. I can solve some of your urgent issues in this domain, learning in the process. You get lifetime free access to the actual product.    Looking forward to your thoughts,  Thanks a lot for all the support,  Sumit

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