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Discussion about the Makerlog Top Streak Algo

hey sergio, hey Makerlog community,    as some might have noticed, Sergio wants to change the Top Streaks list (the algorithm). In my opinion this is even overdue.    I would like to use this thread to support Sergio a little bit and collect ideas for him which he can use or maybe implement.    My opinion  ------    In my opinion, I would not even put these stats on the start page or the log list. Basically Hobby Makers have little chance against me (and others) to handle the amount of logs / fixes / issues. Since I do it professionally and "work" more than 10 hours a day anyway.    Therefore it might be advisable to create a stats page and use different parameters on the start page. But first you have to clarify what Makerlog is and should be. Should Makerlog bring Maker together? or should makerlog only be a kind of log diary?    What I miss  ------    - It is missing that new Maker to be welcomed better. Solution: So you could display the latest Maker. A kind of welcome box  - A kind of courage box. in this box you can praise makers who have written a log in the last hour    If you still want to show the top streaks, you can put a lot into the algorhythm.    - has the user already logged in to makerlog today?  - number of started threads in the last month / week  - number of replies of the last week / month   - i.e. activity in the community  - has the user launched / finished any project this week / month?  - include the number of the praises he got    these parameters would support the social life at Makerlog, too.    if anyone still has ideas, feel free to write them in here.@sergio, I hope this helps you a little. Thanks for Makerlog.

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