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I'm working on a new Micro-SaaS.

I've returned to Maker's log after a few months as I want to build more of my projects in public and share them with other makers.    Currently I'm working on MRVN , a notification service that converts outgoing webhooks into Discord, Slack and Telegram messages.        There's a small Twitter thread here on the progress I've made so far.    I had the idea when I found myself repeatedly checking if Netlify had deployed my websites successfully and so built a small webhook system to send me Discord embeds. After a while I decided the tool could be helpful for a range of services and to a number of people so I'm building it out day-by-day.    Currently it supports outgoing webhooks from Azure Pipelines and Netlify and converts them into Discord, Slack or Telegram notifications. I'm looking to add a few more services before launch so any feedback is welcome 😀    (I'm hoping to launch it by the end of the month!)

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