Ancient Magical Mysteries Applied to Sales

I would like to share with you one of my crazy ideas by tying renaissance mystical knowledge to today's business realities.    In the 17th century these philosophers called alchemists sought to create something called the Philosopher's Stone. It was said that the one with the philosopher's stone could turn lead into gold.    As part of their research, the alchemists concluded that everything in the universe could be divided into four basic elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air, and that in them was the secret to create the philosopher's stone.    Some people think that alchemists used symbolic aspects to describe something superior to turning lead into gold. They were looking for a system that would allow them to achieve anything from scratch (gold from lead).    As far as is known, alchemists never managed to create the philosopher's stone...    ...but I think I figured out how to create it.    This is just an application of my Philosopher's Stone theory to sales.    ## The 4 Classic Elements applied to sales:    ### Side of your business before purchase    Earth🌱 / Awareness: Customer learns about you through promotion.  Fire🔥 / Consideration: Customer considers you through your content.  Water💦 / Lead Generation: Customer really connects with you. Resonates with you.  Air🌬️ / Purchase: Customer purchases from you.    If applied well, the result should be that the customer duplicates your message and spreads the word.  
 ### Customer side after purchase  
 Earth🌱 / Satisfaction: Customer prefers you.  Fire🔥 / Advocation: Customer talks about you to friends.  Water💦 / Referral: Customer's friend really connects with you. Resonates with you.  Air🌬️ / Purchase: Customer's friend purchases from you.    According to the old and mystical law of polarity, the "source point" (the business) must cause an effect on the "receiving point" (the customer) in such a way that the receiving point duplicates the message / benefit in his mind and gives feedback either buying more from you or referring another person.    The significance I discovered of the four classic elements (not revealed in this thread) is the engine that allows anyone to apply them to anything. I have applied this technique on multiple occasions and it never fails, but that's a topic for another forum.    I hope this works for you in some way.

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