How to improve marketing strategies on fitness products?

Hi makers, I am working on #fightie and it's mainly like a workout tracker to help you track your workout records and provide you analytics to let you reference so you can improve by yourself.    I am curious about whether you (as a maker) will go to the gym and do any workout to improve your shapes.    If yes, what's the main thing that you are willing to pay for?   1. Well-planned workout courses that you just only need to follow (without thinking)   2. Monthly newsletter (or bi-weekly) sharing some good articles, videos to you so you can reference, learn and grow?   3. ... something else? (if you can share to me below, I'll appreciate it)    If not, what's the main obstacle that prevents you from doing workouts?   1. Too scary to go to the gym?   2. Too busy working on making products and have no time to do workout   3. ... something else?    I am planning to work on a monthly newsletter (which will be exclusive for people who subscribed to my iOS app) and maybe share some useful materials in the newsletter.    Do you think this is a good idea or is there anything I can improve? Any suggestion would be appreciated 🙏🙏 Thanks, makers :)

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