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Introducing Metrical, a privacy-first web analytics tool - Try it for free!

Hey Makerloggers 👋    We are finally sharing with you Metrical , a privacy-first web analytics tool.    It's been almost a year since I started alone working on Metrical, and I'm proud to say that it's almost ready and we want to give the opportunity to test it first to all the Makerlog users, since in the last few months I started using it everyday to keep my motivation on Metrical and I found a great community. Thank you Sergio for creating all this! ✨      ### What is Metrical?    Metrical is a privacy-first website analytics tool. We created Metrical just because we wanted a better (and more private) way to track visits without exposing our visitors' and users' privacy or selling their data.        ### But is it better than Product XYZ?    Lots of you are using Google Analytics for your web analytics: it has everything and it's free, right? Well, it's non really free if you consider that Google is using that data to create a better user profile (and to then sell to Ads networks). Also, Google Analytics offers a plethora of data - but most of the useful metrics are hidden inside multiple tabs or accordions.    Metrical presents only the data that you will need in your reports and to know your audience.  There aren’t 30+ different metrics that will confuse you, just 5 - pages, sources, country, language and type of device. Also, we don’t collect any personal data of your visitors: every visit on Metrical is treated as unique, not as a series of visits of the same user.    There are lots of other privacy-first tools - like Fathom, or Simple Analytics - and we tested them before deciding to create Metrical. They are great and made by some of the best makers of the last years, but missed some of the features or metrics that we wanted. Metrical is a fresh and new way to store your analytics!        ### Is it free?    Metrical is free during beta - allowing all users to create up to 2 websites and store up to 50.000 visits every month. After beta, new users will charged 7$/Month or 50$/year to add unlimited websites. We think that 50$/year is a small price to have an easy to use web monitoring tool without worrying about your visitors' privacy.        ### Can I try it?    Yes! I would love if you want to try it - as I said we are currently in closed beta, so you will need to add your email and wait for an invitation fist. Don't worry, it normally takes few than an hour to receive the email :)    Request here an invite

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