October is here! What progress did you make in September?

Time goes by so fast. On the 1st of every month, I look back on the previous month and take a look at what I've accomplished (or failed to 🤦).    What were your goals when September started and what did you accomplish?    For me, my goals for September were:   Add sales web pages for my app,   Polish out the existing UI   Minimize adding features   Finish learning Flutter so I could develop the mobile version for the app  * Add more documentation    How I actually did...    1. I moved from Wordpress to Hugo . I honestly have forgotten why I did this now. It wasted about 1-2 weeks of time because I ended up redesigning the whole thing. Ended up improving some of the sales web page. It's not completed and a whole bunch of screenshots that should be there are still missing...  2. I did improve the UI. I use my own app (it's a customer support help desk), so little things that bug me gets fixed quickly.  3. I didn't add as many features in September vs August, but still I spent more time here than I'd like. A big part of it is that the project's scope was too big from the onset.  4. Did not have time to finish learning Flutter 😔. In fact, didn't even touch it at all.  5. Added about 4-5 pages of documentation. This is way lower than I anticipated, which was about 1 article per day.    So what about you? What did you get done? Share below 👇

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