Launched Peer to Peer Coaching Platform for Founders

Hi all!    Noticed that there are not enough support systems for hacking oneself, especially soft-skills. Usually it is either self-help books or professional coaches, but nothing peer to peer-based.    That is why I launched GrowthClub - it is a peer to peer coaching platform for soft-skills. So far we have been focused on founders, as imho it is mental blocks of founders that prevent the growth of their ventures. E.g. launching too late (fear of failure, perfectionism), not being persistent enough to validate well, etc. This kind of issues founders work on GrowthClub.    GrowthClub has a ROSA coaching framework embedded in the meetings, so you can troubleshoot together yourself, set goals and commit to action while getting relevant trajectory corrections from other founders.    Would love to hear feedback from the maker community, I bet there are a lot of founders amount you. Would love if you try it here    Cheers,  Max

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