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Ran Google Ads to validate an idea. Would love some feedback.

So for the first time ever, I put up a landing page for a small info product at . Not knowing how to validate it quickly, I ran some Google search ads for some long tail keywords.    First adwords campaign (failed)    - Got 7 impressions in 24hrs and $0 spent.  - The ad money wasn't even spent for the day.  - Realized I had a bad ad copy because I didn't understand how the "responsive ads" worked.    Second adwords campaign (running)    - Put up a new campaign with improved ad copy  - It has been a week. 9.3% CTR  - $100 total cost  - 24 people have subscribed to the MailChimp list    Here is what I have in mind next    - Record a few videos and send it to these audience. This helps me validate/confirm the interest and get some conversations going.  - Record atleast half the videos for the course and put up a preorder page.    For a first time user of landing pages and google ads, how am I doing so far? Is there something I should be doing that I am missing out on?    P.S: Looks like I just discovered landing pages.

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