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I build a unified workflow system built in Notion.

Gumroad link:    Obsidian Os  Unified workflow system built in Notion    Life is full of options and noise. By applying the best systems, you can focus on what truly add value to your life.    Why I created Obsidian OS    I am a product designer and founder of 3 companies. Running companies, managing projects and personal life are altogether a complex objectives. I wanted to create a system to eliminate noise and build a kind of second brain. Notion as a product is very unique and a powerful tool which I used to create a system: Obsidian- Unified workflow notion system.    The main concerns with these type of systems are they tend to break easily and needs lot of efforts or inputs to manage a Notion system. So I built this system in a manner that it takes very minimal efforts to manage and will be self expandable so that it doesn't break easily.    Obsidian Notion System added value to my life and helped me reduce noise around me. So, I would like to share this system with rest of the world.    Life is a game of patterns. The more we observe and analyse them, the more deeply we understand how the world works around us. One of the key insights of the systems approach has been the realization that the network is a pattern that is common to all life. This Obsidian OS is conceptually designed based on patterns and how each relative components functions effectively to work as a second brain for an individual.        The system is organized into 5 Key Sections:    Plan: Area dedicated towards planning, goal discovery and vision map.  Work: Area focused on work related components to manage assignments and projects  Review: Comprised of area which requires information analysis and review  Track: Area focused on dynamic components which requires constant tracking  Extras: Area contains additional sub areas like Personal space, dashboard, Shortcuts and database.      Includes:    Obsidian OS includes Notion template and all additional components associated with system efficiency and accessibility.    30+ Template sections  200+ Resources  20 Widgets (Including setup documentation)  Icon library (Minimalistic - Light and Dark)  Document Library (Agreements, Proposals and Templates)  Notion Setup Guide (Sections in templates)    #notion #notintemplate

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