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Hey everyone,    I'm looking to put a Facebook ad up for my web development agency targeting people with old, outdated websites.    It would be awesome if you could proofread it and let me know what you think! In return, I'd gladly proofread something of yours if you need it 🙂        Still paying a monthly or yearly fee for an agency to maintain your website? Tired of your website looking like it's from the 2000's?    There's a better option.    I offer complete website redesign and development, converting your outdated website to a modern, easy-to-manage marketing tool for your business.    Using advanced web technologies, I build websites that are faster, easier to manage and more secure, giving you the tools you need to run your business.    And unlike platforms like WordPress, it costs absolutely nothing to host the site until you start getting 1,000s of visitors, making it ideal for small/mid-sized businesses.    Start taking control of your website. Contact me for a quote.

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