I just joined the community, I'd like to introduce myself

Hello guys 👋    I hope you are doing well!    I'm new here, so I wanted to start with the basics: a proper introduction.    So my name is Julien, I'm french 🥖🍷🧀🇫🇷 & I'm a product designer. I like to code, but I'm terrible at it. I love cheeseburgers 🍔 too.    I built a lot of projects in the last 10 years. My last one was a UI Kit that reached 1000+ downloads in less than 2 months. It was amazing 🙌 It was at the beginning of this year.    Then, the Covid-19 crisis hit the world 🌎, I stepped back and told myself: ok, this is serious, what can I do to help people & businesses based on my personal skills, experience & knowledge?    It appears that remote work was a big answer to covid-19 crisis, especially in the startups industry. As I'm working remotely since 5 years now, I decided to explore this way.    So with a friend, we started to build a product to help remote teams & companies to collaborate, socialize & hangout online in a better way 👨‍💻👩‍💻✨    So we started less than one month ago. And here I am. To share this journey with you. 🙂    I'm really happy to join this community and I'm eager to learn from you guys!    See ya!

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