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Would you buy an Angular Material theme built as a package?

Hi fellow Developers and Makers!    I'm trying to validate a project idea. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.    Currently there are thousands of Angular Material templates with some custom design implemented. But all these templates usually require you to start your application from their starter project. Sometimes it is OK. But sometimes you’d like to use some other starter kit. Maybe your own, with your own architecture/coding style/etc.    There is another way of distributing themes. Angular Material comes with 4 predefined themes. They can be easily plugged to any Angular project. They are more like reusable packages.    So I was thinking about creating more themes built in this way. Imagine the following:  1. A catalog with 20-30 different Material theme packages to choose from. Different styles for different needs.  2. Styles vary from corporate/business to more colorful/playful, with some interesting fonts, not just Roboto.  3. Proper dark mode. There are a bunch of Material Design guidelines for dark mode . Just changing background from light to dark is not enough. For example, brand colors needs to be desaturated to meet accessibility requirements on darker backgrounds. Without that dark theme might be painful for eyes and unusable.  4. Theme package will define complete color palette and typography for your app. All of this will be available via theming API/SCSS so you can use logical colors (primary/secondary text color, headline color, etc) throughout your app.  5. Besides color palette and font setting, the package might additionally style and visually change Angular Material components. Things like animations, shapes, shadows that match overall styles, stuff like that.  6. No global styles. So dropping the package into your app is safe, nothing will get broken.  7. Price - 20$.    Please feel free to give your honest opinion. Any feedback is very valuable for me. Thanks!

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