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Feedback on my landing page

Heya, makers!    I am Kumar Abhirup and I am creating . I recently launched my landing page to get beta users.    Landing Pages need to be excellent if a product wants to get hit.    There must be many things wrong with my landing page. I got all positive feedback on Pioneer and some critical feedback on Makerlog's Telegram group. I need more feedback ❤️    Currently, I want to focus on conveying the idea properly. I got some awesome people saying "the landing page is unclear and doesn't tell how to use the product", and I am trying to figure out how to solve this issue.    What words do I use that will convey the idea in the most useful way?    Currently, my ideal target user is, "a creator with a good following who wants to start a newsletter on Email, WhatsApp and SMS, and wants to earn money on it by subscription basis."    Substack does this too. But they don't provide an API. They also don't support WhatsApp.  ConvertKit is also an email CRM but does not provide direct access to monetization to its creators.    Patreon is the place creators often choose to create an "only-fans subscriber base" to earn money. I am bringing this model to newsletters on Email, WhatsApp, and SMS.    I hope you got the idea. I am all into iterating the words right now and whatever suits my service the best. If anything is unclear, feel free to ask.     Would love to know your thoughts ❤️

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