SaaS Taxes & Bookkeeping

Hey! Anyone running a SaaS platform, how do you handle global taxes e.g. all the different VAT rates across Europe or the sales tax in each US state?

Are you using anything like TaxJar to keep track of how much you owe? I'm finding it such a minefield and TaxJar gets expensive beyond 200 orders per month.

Also, what do you use for bookkeeping - keeping track of your income and expenses (including attaching receipts). I'm looking for something super simple and easy to use. Quickbooks and Xero are so cumbersome and do too much.

This is a great question. I manage taxes through Paddle, it's a fantastic payment processor that takes care of sales tax for us.


@sergio Thanks, I've requested a quote there. I usually skip those companies/sites that don't communicate their pricing publicly, but I have heard great things about Paddle before.


@meijer_s Their support is quite responsive. Best of luck!


@meijer_s also use Paddle. Their rates are usually:

5% + 0.50$


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