Solution to College Students problem.

The biggest problem a college students have been facing isn't about studies but money💰.    As they start college, many of students want to become independent but they lack ways to earn.    They don't have any shortage of energy, thing they lack is guidance.    You can earn easily in this digital age.    Here's a proven way, I've been using since college days.    Step 1) Visit different twitter id's.  Step 2) Find those who don't have twitter header.  Step 3) DM them for offering them Twitter header at $10-$15.  Step 4) Make 5 Twitter header based on clients requirement on CANVA.    Lets do maths now.  5header $15 = $75/Day  $75 30Days = $2250/Month.    You can increase daily revenue by hiring your friends for $10/day for finding more twitter id's who don't have twitter header.    If you want more ideas regarding earning follow me on twitter@Im_HemantKorani.    Happy Earnings...

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