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We are launching the beta

Hello !    We've been working on since the last few months ! We feel confident enough to launch the beta so we can get some feedback on how to improve our product !    ## What is  The name is self explanatory, we aim to provide an app to easily generate stunning Gantt charts that you can integrate anywhere.    ## What can you do  We allow to personnalize almost every colors and shapes so you can easily have a gantt that matches your company identity.  You can invite other co-worker to work on the same gantt charts as you.    ## Who is it for ?  Almost anyone? Whether you need to visualize your project timeline for an important client or simply for school project presentation.  We focus on easily delivering beautiful Gantt charts, we are not a project manager app.    You can register for free here and we'd love to hear from you on how to make our app as pleasing and effective to use as possible. Our mobile version is not ready yet, we highly advise you to use the desktop version.    Have a good day !    PS: By default every account is in the free version if you are interested in the premium version you can send us an email and we can give you an access

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