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First VC discussions after two paying customers - anyone with any tips?

I've been working on Polkadot Tiger (SEO A/B Testing SaaS) for two years now and we launched in March after a 3 month beta.
   It has been a slow but steady launch and we've got our first two paying customers which was a huge milestone by itself. Unfortunately after self-funding the project full-time for 18 months my funds are almost depleted and PDT is not yet in a place to sustain me despite a promising start which means I'm looking for some funding to be able to keep focus on this full-time and not have to go back to juggling client work with what I really want to be doing.
   We're in early discussion with a number of VCs as well as some angel investors and although we have commercial validation I fear it isn't enough quite yet.
   Has anyone else gone through a similar situation or been on the other side of this conversation as the investor?    I'd love to hear other people's experiences or tips in relation to this? Thanks in advance!

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