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Launching Products Box private beta

Hi everybody,    I started to develop a chrome extension products box to help me to organize all my projects and all related services (hosting, email, analytics, social, etc..).    screen    You can add your projects and create 3 types of actions for every product:    - Navigation -> bookmarks to open new tabs  - Trigger -> to send http requests to webhooks (launch a build on netlify, a task on zapier, add a task log on makerlog, etc..)  - Views -> You can create a mini dashboard adding cards with important informations (number of users, revenue, etc..)    You need to configure every action according to your needs, but as soon as possible I will add more "pre configured template" to help to configure more easily.    I think it could be very useful to makers and no coders, since we have to deal with many services for every project.    And before the launch I'd like to receive some feedback: if you have use cases to propose or how to improve the user experience.    I'll launch officially the app with a small paid subscription, but a the moment if you want to join it's completely free :)    Link: chrome web store    PS: It's still in beta so I apologize in advance for any bugs.    Thank you!

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