[Prototype] What do you think about my audience focused landing page?

Hi Makers,    I already have a landing page, it's but its aimed for the general audience.    But my main market is agencies and freelancers who make simple static sites for their clients (like company profile for the local gym/coffee shop) who needs a form backend service to handle forms.    Therefore i planned to add a landing page dedicated for them and highlight my points why my service is perfect for them. Also i assume that they already know what service i about to sell, because form backend service is a crowded market and i already explain it in the homepage part.    Here is the prototype    What do you guys think? Especially about the layout, copy, and design?    Sorry this is just a rough prototype. Im sorry too if there are a lot grammatical mistake, i haven't have a time to ask my friend to proofread it.    *the smiley icon is just a placeholder    Thank you

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