🎉 Crossed $100,000 ARR milestone!

Yeah! We did it. We crossed the $100,000 ARR milestone with    This is a big deal and another step in the validation of the product.    If you want to learn more behind the journey, follow me at:    I share almost on a daily basis all the things we learn in building our SaaS startup Upvoty.    A couple of takeaways:    Focus on a small target audience: The smaller, the better you can do marketing and sales and reach your target audience.    Start small: When we launched 1,5 years ago, the product was far from what it is right now. We built features based on real user feedback on the go (of course, using, duh! ;).    Content marketing: Make sure to write as much as possible to cover all of your target audience's problems and needs. Building an online video editor? Write an article on how to add subtitles. Building a scraping tool? Write how-to articles. On the Upvoty blog ( you'll find tons of articles focused on helping SaaS and product teams collecting and managing feedback.    If you have any q's, reach out to me on Twitter or IG 🙌

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