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How do you keep track of your followers/subscribers count on all your accounts?

Hi Makerlog Community!    Here is my situation. Every time I work on a new side project I create a bunch of new accounts, i.e: Twitter for the product, a MailChimp (EmailOctopus or Convertkit) list to gather some emails, a GitHub Repo, or even a YouTube Channel or a TikTok account.    The question is, how all of you that are in similar situations, keep track of each account to see if their followers/subscribers/viewers are growing? I find it useful to track this to know if what I have posted/published is getting a good response, and also to grow my audience of that particular side-project.    I'm asking because I'm working on a side-project to solve this issue and I would love to gather some feedback from people facing the same issue. If someone is willing to help, it would be great if can answer any of these questions:    - Is this a problem for you as well or just for me?    - Which accounts do you usually use for your side projects?    - What metrics do you find important to track (besides followers count)?    - Would you pay for a solution that collects all this information in one place for you?    Thanks in advance for all your help!

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