My launch on PH was a failure. Whad I did wrong?

Hi everyone,  A month ago I built a website where people can share their salaries in an anonymous way so you can compare and get a better idea of how much is earning people in similar positions.    I posted about it on Reddit and it was a success (well not completely I'll write about this later). I got approx 50k visitors that day and more than 5k people shared their salary, I took it as product validation and I was very happy with the result.    So a couple of days later I decided to launch it on PH.  As I was confident with my product, I decided to prepare it well: I read about other people experiences on launching, I created some simple but, what I thought, beautiful images, I wrote a complete description to add as a first comment, even I created a small gif.  I checked that everything was perfect using PreviewHunt .    Also, digging into other PH launches to get ideas I found one that the product was based on the same idea as mine ,   even the same name. The product was very simple, a simple page where you can filter some twits by a couple of cities, just that, and it got 600+ votes.  At this moment I was very excited, I thought that people would love mine as well, is almost the same idea, with an improved UI, a couple of useful features more, but still very simple, a better-prepared launch with screenshots and description, so I was ready, I scheduled my launch for the next day at 00:00.    Finally the big day, I shared the PH link on twitter, on communities like this one, Indie Hackers, some Slack and Telegram groups, dreaming about what if my website goes viral if some cool site decides to feature it...   But the reality hit my face. I got approx 50 votes and almost 500 visitors to my site.    Since that day I'm thinking about what I did wrong? it was just bad luck? is because I don't have an audience? or the product is not interesting enough?  So here I am, trying to learn from my failures, I'm asking for your help to identify what I could do better? what do you think I should improve the next time?    Thanks!    TL;DR: My launch on PH was a failure when I thought I had a solid product so now I'm asking for help to identify what I did wrong and what I should improve.

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