I assume that without emails, my users won’t come back to my website as they don’t know if something happened on it?!

Hey there,    Important question I was asking to my first users this morning, I would love your views/advices on it.    I'm working on, which is basically a website for classic car renovators. It allows to post and document each step of your classic car renovation in public.    I've been doing some major redesigns lately, and I'm working step by step, thinking about what could be the ideal browsing experience in this community.    Main topic this morning : EMAILS.    As off today, I send an automatic welcome email to a new member, and in most of the cases, I send a manual second email in the two days following the first login. period.    As we are all registered in tons of services, we usually receive daily or weekly emails from these services, and personally speaking: it pisses me off!    So as I don't wan't to reproduce this to my users, I'm still wondering how I could send them informations about "What happened in the community lately?" or even "Does someone interacted with your profile/project lately?"    What could be the ideal "soft" email? or ideal "way" to inform my user about what happened while he was not browsing the community?

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