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One of the positives that came out of failing to launch the 18 (or so) The Product Angle episodes, was the Podcast Stuff Notebook.    As I wrote down my learnings from each episode I noticed similarities in what I was doing. I noticed a similar repeatable process from the point I got an idea in my head to recording the episode and releasing it for everyone to listen.    👀 Inside the Podcast Stuff notebook, you will find templates to:  ✅ Define why you want to start a podcast and brainstorm topics  ✅ Create your execution plan  ✅ Create your launch strategy  ✅ Define what your podcast is about and who your target listener is  ✅ Design your workflow  ✅ Define your set up notes  ✅ Plan 12 episodes from the title of the episode to include creating a structure for the beginning, middle, and end.    Bonus: The PDF version is FREE 🔥 (halfway down the page in the sample section)    💪 Writing things down has helped me create clarity and define the direction. I hope the Podcast Stuff Notebook will help you as well.    Love to hear what you think and any challenges you face as you start/ grow your podcast. Also if you have a podcast love to hear what it is.    Thank you,  Pradip

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