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An all-in-one profile page to showcase yourself, what are your thoughts?

Hey guys. I'm creating a product called One Profile ( )    The premise of building this was that I had too many online profiles and wished I could keep them in one place. I thought of using a CMS like Squarespace and Webflow but they were a bit expensive for my use case as I just wanted a simple profile page. I thought of using a personal web hosting page like but felt their features are too limited at that price point. I also considered using cheaper alternatives like and but their themes and customizations were a bit overwhelming (I really like them though!).    So, I decided to create a simple profile page of my own on the web. It started as a side project and when I showed it to a few people, they loved it. Now I'm trying to see what the masses think of this? Would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

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