Landing page live. A bit unconventional, isn't it?

Hey there! Just joined this community after listening to an IndieHackers podcast with Sergio, sounds like a place worth sticking around!    So, I'm building a side project, a very simple analytics solution for collecting custom metrics (number of signups, server-side errors, how much disk space there is left on your server, what is the average response time, number of times someone opened a specific page in your native iOS app etc...).    It will work from any codebase, have a dead simple API and no extra dependencies for collecting such events. Here's the site:    I'm really scratching my own itch with this one - I've been frustrated a lot by some of the big players out there, for example Firebase analytics or Google Tag Manger. They are often bloated and provide way too much for products which are in the beginning stages of development.    PS. I validated the usefulness of such a tool by using an mvp of it while monitoring my previous for-fun project Waymark where I collected around 30000 events. I really believe dogfooding is perfect when building your things!    Anyway, I got a landing page up, it's a bit unconventional I believe. As this will be a developer-focused tool, I'm expecting this to be a bit vague at this point before I have concerete examples live, but I'm wondering whether the page gives at least a sort of an understanding of what it is going to be?    Again, that's the site:    Cheers,    R

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